WritersMosaic is an interactive, multisensory platform specialising in bringing together different mediums of creative content. We worked on the guest edition section of the website, which features a new topic every 6 weeks. This includes vivid imagery, captivating poetry, essays and audio.

With a clear focus on culture and diversity, WritersMosaic has something to offer for everyone.

ForeverGood is a platform bound by new movements, new ideas and new points of view. Their community is a growing network of creatives that are connected through a driving mission, to make everyone and anyone feel forever good. 

Their website houses the community through events, blog posts and their fashion line, which all encapsulate their brand message of championing collective creativity.

Article Sixteen in a fashion archive, specialising in rare designer clothing. Article Sixteen provides not only a destination to discover a collection of eclectic, authentic, handpicked second-hand pieces, but also offers insight into fashion and the surrounding outlets.

Their website consists of an incredible selection of rare garments, which are available on their store page, along with a vast collection of scans from various designers who inspired the founders of the company. It functions almost as a gallery and offers insights into the fashion industry from runways to to the streets.

Feed the terrain nutrition is a nutritionist practice in London. They specialise in assessing their client’s dietary requirements and making nutritional plans for them. 

Their focus is to improve people’s health through nutrition and to look after internal and our external health with kindness and compassion.

Curativa CBD is an innovative and forward thinking CBD company. Focused on health and wellbeing, they provide various blends of CBD oil, specified to ailments or conditions that may occur. 

This project involved the construction of the site, including setting up and integrating payment methods for the client, as well as extensive research into the benefits of CBD and the corresponding ingredients.